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The organization has a work process, and company structure to ensure that efficiency and professionalism is a priority. Roles/job descriptions and tasks are drawn from the dynamics of our business.
We also believe in quality service in terms of our delivery and looking out for the interest
of potential and current clients through follow-up procedures.

Quality Inspection

We ensure that inspection is not delegated but done by the owners of the business. We
also carry out customer evaluations and swiftly respond to any complaints by taking
recommendations through customized questionnaire templates and operate 0n an opendoor policy.

Quality Assurance

We deliver goods according to the specifications of our clientele. Our wealth of experience also enables us to advise accordingly on alternatives.
We evaluate each account and project on a continuous basis to maintain the quality of goods and services product.
Before delivery of any product(s), we carry out a thorough scrutiny to ensure that they meet standards set out by KEBS and to see the originality of brands by looking at serial numbers, expiry dates etc